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static synchronized native int ncsa::hdf::hdf5lib::H5::H5Sselect_hyperslab ( int  space_id,
int  op,
byte[]  start,
byte[]  stride,
byte[]  count,
byte[]  block 
) throws HDF5LibraryException, NullPointerException, IllegalArgumentException [static]

H5Sselect_hyperslab selects a hyperslab region to add to the current selected region for the dataspace specified by space_id. The start, stride, count, and block arrays must be the same size as the rank of the dataspace.

space_id IN: Identifier of dataspace selection to modify
op IN: Operation to perform on current selection.
start IN: Offset of start of hyperslab
count IN: Number of blocks included in hyperslab.
stride IN: Hyperslab stride.
block IN: Size of block in hyperslab.
a non-negative value if successful
HDF5LibraryException - Error from the HDF-5 Library.
NullPointerException - an input array is null.
NullPointerException - an input array is invalid.

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