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static synchronized native int ncsa::hdf::hdf5lib::H5::H5Pget_external ( int  plist,
int  idx,
int  name_size,
String[]  name,
long[]  size 
) throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException, ArrayStoreException, HDF5LibraryException, NullPointerException, IllegalArgumentException [static]

H5Pget_external returns information about an external file.

plist IN: Identifier of a dataset creation property list.
idx IN: External file index.
name_size IN: Maximum length of name array.
name OUT: Name of the external file.
size OUT: the offset value and the size of the external file data.
      size[0] = offset // a location to return an offset value
      size[1] = size // a location to return the size of
                // the external file data.
a non-negative value if successful
ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException Fatal error on Copyback
ArrayStoreException Fatal error on Copyback
HDF5LibraryException - Error from the HDF-5 Library.
NullPointerException - name or size is null.
IllegalArgumentException - name_size <= 0 .

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