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static synchronized native int ncsa::hdf::hdf5lib::H5::H5Pget_filter ( int  plist,
int  filter_number,
int[]  flags,
int[]  cd_nelmts,
int[]  cd_values,
int  namelen,
String[]  name 
) throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException, ArrayStoreException, HDF5LibraryException, NullPointerException [static]

H5Pget_filter returns information about a filter, specified by its filter number, in a filter pipeline, specified by the property list with which it is associated.

plist IN: Property list identifier.
filter_number IN: Sequence number within the filter pipeline of the filter for which information is sought.
flags OUT: Bit vector specifying certain general properties of the filter.
cd_nelmts IN/OUT: Number of elements in cd_values
cd_values OUT: Auxiliary data for the filter.
namelen IN: Anticipated number of characters in name.
name OUT: Name of the filter.
the filter identification number if successful. Otherwise returns H5Z_FILTER_ERROR (-1).
ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException Fatal error on Copyback
ArrayStoreException Fatal error on Copyback
NullPointerException - name or an array is null.

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