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static synchronized native int ncsa::hdf::hdf5lib::H5::H5Fcreate ( String  name,
int  flags,
int  create_id,
int  access_id 
) throws HDF5LibraryException, NullPointerException [static]

H5Fcreate is the primary function for creating HDF5 files.

name Name of the file to access.
flags File access flags. Possible values include:
  • H5F_ACC_RDWR Allow read and write access to file.
  • H5F_ACC_RDONLY Allow read-only access to file.
  • H5F_ACC_TRUNC Truncate file, if it already exists, erasing all data previously stored in the file.
  • H5F_ACC_EXCL Fail if file already exists.
  • H5F_ACC_DEBUG Print debug information.
  • H5P_DEFAULT Apply default file access and creation properties.
create_id File creation property list identifier, used when modifying default file meta-data. Use H5P_DEFAULT for default access properties.
access_id File access property list identifier. If parallel file access is desired, this is a collective call according to the communicator stored in the access_id (not supported in Java). Use H5P_DEFAULT for default access properties.
a file identifier if successful
HDF5LibraryException - Error from the HDF-5 Library.
NullPointerException - name is null.

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