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static synchronized byte [] ncsa::hdf::hdf5lib::H5::H5Rcreate ( int  loc_id,
String  name,
int  ref_type,
int  space_id 
) throws HDF5LibraryException, NullPointerException, IllegalArgumentException [inline, static]

H5Rcreate creates the reference, ref, of the type specified in ref_type, pointing to the object name located at loc_id.

loc_id IN: Location identifier used to locate the object being pointed to.
name IN: Name of object at location loc_id.
ref_type IN: Type of reference.
space_id IN: Dataspace identifier with selection.
the reference (byte[]) if successful
HDF5LibraryException - Error from the HDF-5 Library.
NullPointerException - an input array is null.
IllegalArgumentException - an input array is invalid.

Definition at line 2688 of file H5.java.

        /*  These sizes are correct for HDF5.1.2 */
        int ref_size = 8;
        if (ref_type == HDF5Constants.H5R_DATASET_REGION) {
            ref_size = 12;
        byte rbuf[] = new byte[ref_size];

        /*  will raise an exception if fails  */
        H5Rcreate(rbuf, loc_id, name, ref_type, space_id);

        return rbuf;

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