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ncsa::hdf::object::Dataset Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for ncsa::hdf::object::Dataset:

ncsa::hdf::object::HObject ncsa::hdf::object::DataFormat ncsa::hdf::object::CompoundDS ncsa::hdf::object::ScalarDS ncsa::hdf::object::h4::H4Vdata ncsa::hdf::object::h5::H5CompoundDS ncsa::hdf::object::fits::FitsDataset ncsa::hdf::object::h4::H4GRImage ncsa::hdf::object::h4::H4SDS ncsa::hdf::object::h5::H5ScalarDS ncsa::hdf::object::nc2::NC2Dataset

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Detailed Description

The abstract class provides general APIs to create and manipulate dataset objects, and retrieve dataset properties datatype and dimension sizes.

This class provides two convenient functions, read()/write(), to read/write data values. Reading/writing data may take many library calls if we use the library APIs directly. The read() and write functions hide all the details of these calls from users.

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1.1 9/4/2007
Peter X. Cao

Definition at line 34 of file Dataset.java.

Public Member Functions

void clear ()
void clearData ()
abstract void close (int id)
abstract Dataset copy (Group pgroup, String name, long[] dims, Object data) throws Exception
 Dataset (FileFormat theFile, String name, String path, long[] oid)
 Dataset (FileFormat theFile, String name, String path)
final boolean equalsOID (long[] theID)
final long[] getChunkSize ()
final String getCompression ()
final boolean getConvertByteToString ()
final Object getData () throws Exception, OutOfMemoryError
abstract Datatype getDatatype ()
final String[] getDimNames ()
final long[] getDims ()
final int getFID ()
final String getFile ()
final FileFormat getFileFormat ()
final String getFullName ()
final int getHeight ()
final long[] getMaxDims ()
abstract List getMetadata () throws Exception
final String getName ()
final long[] getOID ()
final String getPath ()
final int getRank ()
final long[] getSelectedDims ()
final int[] getSelectedIndex ()
int getSize (int tid)
final long[] getStartDims ()
final long[] getStride ()
final int getWidth ()
abstract boolean hasAttribute ()
abstract void init ()
boolean isString (int tid)
abstract int open ()
abstract Object read () throws Exception, OutOfMemoryError
abstract byte[] readBytes () throws Exception
abstract void removeMetadata (Object info) throws Exception
final void setConvertByteToString (boolean b)
final void setData (Object d)
void setName (String newName) throws Exception
void setPath (String newPath) throws Exception
String toString ()
final void write () throws Exception
abstract void write (Object buf) throws Exception
abstract void writeMetadata (Object info) throws Exception

Static Public Member Functions

static final String[] byteToString (byte[] bytes, int length)
static Object convertFromUnsignedC (Object data_in, Object data_out)
static Object convertFromUnsignedC (Object data_in)
static Object convertToUnsignedC (Object data_in, Object data_out)
static Object convertToUnsignedC (Object data_in)
static final byte[] stringToByte (String[] strings, int length)

Static Public Attributes

static final String separator = "/"
static final long serialVersionUID = 240L

Protected Member Functions

final void debug (Object msg)

Protected Attributes

long[] chunkSize
String compression
boolean convertByteToString = true
Object convertedBuf = null
Object data
Datatype datatype
String[] dimNames
long[] dims
boolean isDataLoaded = false
long[] maxDims
long nPoints = 1
long[] oid
Object originalBuf = null
int rank
long[] selectedDims
final int[] selectedIndex
long[] selectedStride
long[] startDims

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