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final int ncsa::hdf::object::Dataset::getHeight (  )  [inline, inherited]

Returns the dimension size of the vertical axis.

This function is used by GUI applications such as HDFView. GUI applications display a dataset in a 2D table or 2D image. The display order is specified by the index array of selectedIndex as follow:

selectedIndex[0] -- height
The vertical axis
selectedIndex[1] -- width
The horizontal axis
selectedIndex[2] -- depth
The depth axis is used for 3 or more dimensional datasets.
Applications can use getSelectedIndex() to access and change the display order. For example, in a 2D dataset of 200x50 (dim0=200, dim1=50), the following code will set the height=200 and width=50.
      long[] selectedIndex = dataset.getSelectedIndex();
      selectedIndex[0] = 0;
      selectedIndex[1] = 1;

See also:


the size of dimension of the vertical axis.

Definition at line 741 of file Dataset.java.

References ncsa::hdf::object::Dataset::selectedDims, and ncsa::hdf::object::Dataset::selectedIndex.

Referenced by ncsa::hdf::view::DefaultImageView::applyAutoGain(), ncsa::hdf::view::DefaultTableView::createTable(), ncsa::hdf::view::DefaultImageView::getIndexedImage(), ncsa::hdf::view::DefaultImageView::getTrueColorImage(), ncsa::hdf::object::h4::H4GRImage::read(), ncsa::hdf::object::h4::H4GRImage::readBytes(), test::unittests::H5BugFixTest::testBug847(), test::unittests::H5ScalarDSTest::testReadByRow(), test::unittests::H5CompoundDSTest::testReadByRow(), and test::unittests::H5CompoundDSTest::testWriteByRow().

        if ((selectedDims == null) ||
            (selectedIndex == null) ) {
            return 0;

        return (int)selectedDims[selectedIndex[0]];

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