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abstract Dataset ncsa::hdf::object::Dataset::copy ( Group  pgroup,
String  name,
long[]  dims,
Object  data 
) throws Exception [pure virtual, inherited]

Creates a new dataset and writes the data buffer to the new dataset.

This function allows applications to create a new dataset for a given data buffer. For example, users can select a specific interesting part from a large image and create a new image with the selection.

The new dataset retains the datatype and dataset creation properties of this dataset.

pgroup the group which the dataset is copied to.
name the name of the new dataset.
dims the dimension sizes of the the new dataset.
data the data values of the subset to be copied.
the new dataset.

Implemented in ncsa::hdf::object::CompoundDS, ncsa::hdf::object::fits::FitsDataset, ncsa::hdf::object::h4::H4GRImage, ncsa::hdf::object::h4::H4SDS, ncsa::hdf::object::h5::H5ScalarDS, and ncsa::hdf::object::nc2::NC2Dataset.

Referenced by test::unittests::H5ScalarDSTest::testCopy().

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