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ncsa::hdf::object::h5::H5Datatype Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for ncsa::hdf::object::h5::H5Datatype:

ncsa::hdf::object::Datatype ncsa::hdf::object::HObject ncsa::hdf::object::DataFormat

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Detailed Description

This class defines HDF5 data type characteristics and APIs for a data type.

This class provides several methods to convert an HDF5 dataype identifier to a dataype object, and vice versa. A dataype object is described by four basic fields: datatype class, size, byte order, and sign, while an HDF5 dataype is presented by a datetype identifier.

1.1 9/4/2007
Peter X. Cao

Definition at line 36 of file H5Datatype.java.

Public Member Functions

void close (int tid)
final boolean equalsOID (long[] theID)
void fromNative (int tid)
Datatype getBasetype ()
int getDatatypeClass ()
String getDatatypeDescription ()
int getDatatypeOrder ()
int getDatatypeSign ()
int getDatatypeSize ()
final String getEnumMembers ()
final int getFID ()
final String getFile ()
final FileFormat getFileFormat ()
final String getFullName ()
List getMetadata () throws HDF5Exception
final String getName ()
final long[] getOID ()
final String getPath ()
 H5Datatype (int nativeID)
 H5Datatype (int tclass, int tsize, int torder, int tsign)
 H5Datatype (FileFormat theFile, String name, String path, long[] oid)
 H5Datatype (FileFormat theFile, String name, String path)
boolean hasAttribute ()
boolean isUnsigned ()
int open ()
void removeMetadata (Object info) throws HDF5Exception
final void setEnumMembers (String enumStr)
void setName (String newName) throws Exception
void setPath (String newPath) throws Exception
int toNative ()
String toString ()
void writeMetadata (Object info) throws Exception

Static Public Member Functions

static Object allocateArray (int tid, int size) throws OutOfMemoryError
static final String[] convertEnumValueToName (int tid, Object inValues, String[] outNames) throws HDF5Exception
static final String getDatatypeDescription (int tid)
static final int getDatatypeSize (int tid)
static final boolean isUnsigned (int datatype)
static int toNative (int tid)

Static Public Attributes

static final int CLASS_ARRAY = 10
static final int CLASS_BITFIELD = 4
static final int CLASS_CHAR = 2
static final int CLASS_COMPOUND = 6
static final int CLASS_ENUM = 8
static final int CLASS_FLOAT = 1
static final int CLASS_INTEGER = 0
static final int CLASS_NO_CLASS = -1
static final int CLASS_OPAQUE = 5
static final int CLASS_REFERENCE = 7
static final int CLASS_STRING = 3
static final int CLASS_VLEN = 9
static final int NATIVE = -1
static final int NSGN = 2
static final int ORDER_BE = 1
static final int ORDER_LE = 0
static final int ORDER_NONE = 3
static final int ORDER_VAX = 2
static final String separator = "/"
static final long serialVersionUID = HObject.serialVersionUID
static final int SIGN_2 = 1
static final int SIGN_NONE = 0

Protected Member Functions

final void debug (Object msg)

Protected Attributes

Datatype baseType
int datatypeClass
int datatypeOrder
int datatypeSign
int datatypeSize
int[] dims
String enumMembers
long[] oid

Private Attributes

List attributeList
boolean isNamed = false
int nAttributes = -1

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