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ncsa::hdf::object::h5::H5ScalarDS::H5ScalarDS ( FileFormat  theFile,
String  theName,
String  thePath 
) [inline]

Constructs an instance of a H5ScalarDS object with specific name and path.

For example, in H5ScalarDS(h5file, "dset", "/arrays/"), "dset" is the name of the dataset, "/arrays" is the group path of the dataset.

theFile the file that contains the data object.
theName the name of the data object, e.g. "dset".
thePath the full path of the data object, e.g. "/arrays/".

Definition at line 78 of file H5ScalarDS.java.

Referenced by copy(), and create().

        this(theFile, theName, thePath, null);

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