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ncsa::hdf::view::ViewProperties Class Reference

List of all members.

Detailed Description

The ViewProperties holds all the HDFView static information.

Peter X. Cao
2.4 9/6/2007

Definition at line 35 of file ViewProperties.java.

Public Member Functions

synchronized Enumeration keys ()
void load () throws Exception
void save ()
 ViewProperties (String viewRoot)

Static Public Member Functions

static Icon getAnimationIcon ()
static ImageIcon getAppsIcon ()
static ImageIcon getAudioIcon ()
static Icon getAutocontrastIcon ()
static Icon getBlankIcon ()
static Icon getBrightIcon ()
static Icon getChartIcon ()
static Icon getCopyIcon ()
static Icon getCutIcon ()
static String getDataDelimiter ()
static Icon getDatasetIcon ()
static Icon getDatasetIconA ()
static Icon getDatatypeIcon ()
static Icon getDatatypeIconA ()
static Icon getFilecloseIcon ()
static String getFileExtension ()
static Icon getFilenewIcon ()
static Icon getFileopenIcon ()
static Icon getFilesaveIcon ()
static Icon getFirstIcon ()
static Icon getFoldercloseIcon ()
static Icon getFoldercloseIconA ()
static Icon getFolderopenIcon ()
static Icon getFolderopenIconA ()
static int getFontSize ()
static String getFontType ()
static Icon getH4Icon ()
static String getH4toH5 ()
static Icon getH5Icon ()
static Icon getHdfIcon ()
static Icon getHelpIcon ()
static Vector getHelpViewList ()
static Icon getImageIcon ()
static Icon getImageIconA ()
static Vector getImageViewList ()
static Icon getLargeHdfIcon ()
static Icon getLastIcon ()
static Icon getLinkIcon ()
static int getMaxMembers ()
static int getMaxRecentFiles ()
static Vector getMetaDataViewList ()
static Vector getMRF ()
static Icon getNextIcon ()
static Icon getPaletteIcon ()
static Vector getPaletteList ()
static Vector getPaletteViewList ()
static Icon getPasteIcon ()
static ImageIcon getPdfIcon ()
static Icon getPreviousIcon ()
static String getPropertyFile ()
static Vector getSrbAccount ()
static int getStartMembers ()
static Icon getTableIcon ()
static Icon getTableIconA ()
static Vector getTableViewList ()
static Icon getTextIcon ()
static Icon getTextIconA ()
static Vector getTextViewList ()
static Vector getTreeViewList ()
static ImageIcon getUrlIcon ()
static String getUsersGuide ()
static ImageIcon getVideoIcon ()
static String getViewRoot ()
static String getWorkDir ()
static ImageIcon getXlsIcon ()
static Icon getZoominIcon ()
static Icon getZoomoutIcon ()
static boolean isAutoContrast ()
static boolean isConvertEnum ()
static ClassLoader loadExtClass ()
static void loadIcons (String rootPath)
static void setAutoContrast (boolean b)
static void setConvertEnum (boolean convertEnum)
static void setDataDelimiter (String delim)
static void setFileExtension (String ext)
static void setFontSize (int fsize)
static void setFontType (String ftype)
static void setH4toH5 (String tool)
static void setMaxMembers (int n)
static void setStartMembers (int idx)
static void setUsersGuide (String str)
static void setWorkDir (String wDir)

Static Public Attributes

static final String DELIMITER_COLON = "Colon"
static final String DELIMITER_COMMA = "Comma"
static final String DELIMITER_SEMI_COLON = "Semi-Colon"
static final String DELIMITER_SPACE = "Space"
static final String DELIMITER_TAB = "Tab"
static final int MAX_RECENT_FILES = 15
static final String MIME_APPLICATION_EXCEL = "application/vnd.ms-excel"
static final String MIME_APPLICATION_MSWORD = "application/msword"
static final String MIME_APPLICATION_OCTETSTREAM = "application/octet-stream"
static final String MIME_APPLICATION_PDF = "application/pdf"
static final String MIME_APPLICATION_POSTSCRIPT = "application/postscript"
static final String MIME_APPLICATION_POWERPOINT = "application/vnd.ms-powerpoint"
static final String MIME_APPLICATION_UNKNOWN = "application/unknown"
static final String MIME_APPLICATION_XCOMPRESSED = "application/x-compressed"
static final String MIME_APPLICATION_XGZIP = "application/x-gzip"
static final String MIME_APPLICATION_XHDF = "application/x-hdf"
static final String MIME_APPLICATION_XJAVASCRIPT = "application/x-javascript"
static final String MIME_APPLICATION_XNETCDF = "application/x-netcdf"
static final String MIME_APPLICATION_ZIP = "application/zip"
static final String MIME_AUDIO_BASIC = "audio/basic"
static final String MIME_AUDIO_MID = "audio/mid"
static final String MIME_AUDIO_MPEG = "audio/mpeg"
static final String MIME_AUDIO_XAIFF = "audio/x-aiff"
static final String MIME_AUDIO_XWAV = "audio/x-wav"
static final String MIME_IMAGE_BMP = "image/bmp"
static final String MIME_IMAGE_GIF = "image/gif"
static final String MIME_IMAGE_JPEG = "image/jpeg"
static final String MIME_IMAGE_TIFF = "image/tiff"
static final String MIME_TEXT_HTML = "text/html"
static final String MIME_TEXT_PLAIN = "text/plain"
static final String MIME_VIDEO_MPEG = "video/mpeg"
static final String MIME_VIDEO_MSVIDEO = "video/x-msvideo"
static final String MIME_VIDEO_QUICKTIME = "video/quicktime"
static final long serialVersionUID = HObject.serialVersionUID
static final String VERSION = "2.5"

Static Private Attributes

static ImageIcon animationIcon
static ImageIcon autocontrastIcon
static ImageIcon blankIcon
static ImageIcon brightIcon
static ImageIcon chartIcon
static boolean convertEnum = false
static ImageIcon copyIcon
static ImageIcon cutIcon
static ImageIcon datasetIcon
static ImageIcon datasetIconA
static ImageIcon datatypeIcon
static ImageIcon datatypeIconA
static String delimiter = DELIMITER_TAB
static ClassLoader extClassLoader = null
static ImageIcon filecloseIcon
static String fileExt = "hdf, h4, hdf4, h5, hdf5, he4, he5"
static ImageIcon filenewIcon
static ImageIcon fileopenIcon
static ImageIcon filesaveIcon
static ImageIcon firstIcon
static ImageIcon foldercloseIcon
static ImageIcon foldercloseIconA
static ImageIcon folderopenIcon
static ImageIcon folderopenIconA
static int fontSize = 12
static String fontType = null
static ImageIcon h4Icon
static String h4toh5 = ""
static ImageIcon h5Icon
static ImageIcon hdfIcon
static ImageIcon helpIcon
static ImageIcon iconAPPS
static ImageIcon iconAUDIO
static ImageIcon iconPDF
static ImageIcon iconURL
static ImageIcon iconVIDEO
static ImageIcon iconXLS
static ImageIcon imageIcon
static ImageIcon imageIconA
static boolean isAutoContrast = true
static ImageIcon largeHdfIcon
static ImageIcon lastIcon
static ImageIcon linkIcon
static int max_members = 10000
static Vector moduleListHelpView = new Vector(5)
static Vector moduleListImageView = new Vector(5)
static Vector moduleListMetaDataView = new Vector(5)
static Vector moduleListPaletteView = new Vector(5)
static Vector moduleListTableView = new Vector(5)
static Vector moduleListTextView = new Vector(5)
static Vector moduleListTreeView = new Vector(5)
static Vector mrf
static ImageIcon nextIcon
static ImageIcon paletteIcon
static Vector paletteList = new Vector(5)
static ImageIcon pasteIcon
static ImageIcon previousIcon
static String propertyFile
static String rootDir
static Vector srbAccountList = new Vector(5)
static int start_members = 0
static ImageIcon tableIcon
static ImageIcon tableIconA
static ImageIcon textIcon
static ImageIcon textIconA
static final String USER_PROPERTY_FILE = ".hdfview"+VERSION
static String usersGuide = System.getProperty("user.dir")+"/UsersGuide/index.html"
static String workDir = "user.dir"
static ImageIcon zoominIcon
static ImageIcon zoomoutIcon

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